DIY Mini Candle Making Kit



We have created a convenient kit for beginner candle makers with everything you need to make 1x pink and 1x blue mini Candle as well as a Lifelight Tin. There is a full set of instructions included in the kit so you can get straight into making your container candle.

 We hope you have as much fun as we do! You will be helping The New Zealand Red Cross Emergency Services with your hand made emergency candle and we thank you for joining our journey of community care.

Kit includes:
1x Gift Box
2x Mini Candle Glassware 1x Pink and 1x Blue
1x Lifelight Tin
2x CDN Wick Size 6
1x Thermometer
2x CDN 14
4x Wooden Stick
10x Wick Stickums
10gms Dye Colour (you choose)
1kg Soy Wax
100mls Fragrance(you choose)

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