Fragrance captures the essence of our moods, reminds us of a special memory and creates new experiences by simply lighting a candle in a typical living space. Every fragrance we develop has been carefully crafted to inspire you, connect with you and transform moments in time to lifetime memories. Our fragrances are developed in consultation with a fifth generation perfumist to add complexity and layers of intrigue to every fragrance, to beautify the sensory atmosphere of any room.

The journey to develop captivating fragrances is intrinsically linked to Illumina. Illumina’s fragrances have been developed in consultation with
Francois Merle-Baudoin, a fifth generation French perfumer from the internationally famous Grasse parfumaries of the famed French Cote D’Azure. Francois’ fragrances consistently win international awards with his expertise lending an underlying complexity to the essence of of Illuminas' and Downlights candles.

Our bespoke fragrances are created by Francois to convey a story befitting the beautiful vessels used. As your candle burns, you are taken on a voyage through a harmonious blend of top notes, middle notes and base note fragrances. We invite you to take a sensual journey with us and create more than a mood, create a memory.