Winter Christmas Star Triple Gift Set



Stoke warm wintery cosiness with the scent of Silver Pine, Mulled Wine and French Pear this Christmas, with Downlights NEW Triple Winter Christmas Star Candle Set.

Downlights Winter Christmas Star Candles were released as a Limited Edition Range but quickly became your go-to favourite... So they're back for 2023 as an eco-friendly soy candle TRIPLE SET.

Our Winter candles are hand crafted with scents that magically wrap you in happy seasonal memories: 

  • Silver Pine…. Rugged-up pine cone collecting adventures before toasting them on an open fire. 
  • Mulled Wine…. a warm and delicious mug of spiced wine goodness after your chilly outdoor adventure.
  • French Pear…. delicious winter meals followed by a brandy and vanilla French Pear sweetness. 

Each candle is finished with a metallic embossed Downlights Victorian Star - an antique family heirloom that symbolises direction and guidance.