WP: Classic Candle - White Tea & Ginger



Minimal and classic, the soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk in a petite, long lasting fragrance that captivate the senses is met with a matte white candle container and gold embossed lid.


This candle matches and fragrances any apartment, classic room design or spartan design. Each container be re-used or refilled via our Downlights candle refill service. Our products are lead-free, zinc-free, GMO-free and biodegradable.


The containers can be repurposed with the lid repurposed as a coaster or refilled via our Downlights refill service.

New Release: White Tea & Ginger

Relax with the warm soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk. Peony and hyacinth add a subtle component to the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lily creating a subtle, captivating fragrance.


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