1.) What do you like to do/what are your interests?
I like swimming, exercising at the gym, gardening with Moxie, looking after the horses at Ambury Park and going to drama classes. I also like the band Oasis.

2.) What do you like about working at Downlights?
I like learning new things, especially making soy melts. I like saying hi to Rick and I like working with Jenn (Joy Jenn: that’s what I call Jenn) because she’s always happy.

3.) Question to their family: How has working at Downlights helped Taylor?
We have seen a huge increase in Taylor’s self esteem and confidence. She is so proud to be able tell people she has a proper job working at Downlights, something she never thought that she would accomplish! She has been pushed way out of her comfort zone, learning so many new skills in a safe environment without fear of failure. The self assurance that has come through her work with Jenn and the team is having a positive flow on effect in all aspects of her life, as we see her social, communication, and life skills increasing all the time.

4.) Question to Jennifer: How have you seen Taylor change?
Wow. Taylor is trying so many new things without the fear of failing she had. She knows it is ok to make a mistake and will keep carrying on if she has made an error. Taylor has always come to work with the brightest smile and she remembers the names of everybody she meets and this is such a wonderful part of her personality.

5.) What is the biggest thing you have learnt at Downlights?
I had a goal to learn how to use the eftpos machine and that was hard but I can do it now. I used to find pouring the candles hard, but now that I have a special prop to help me, I can pour much cleaner.

6.) What is your favourite Fragrance? Marshmallow Puff.

7.) Jenn’s Nickname for Taylor:
Beautiful Taylor > Taylor has the best eyebrows in the world and she always makes me smile.

Taylor Downlights NZ