1.) What do you like to do/what are your interests?
 I like food! I love Youtube and my cat and going out for coffee and to the beach. I love to go visiting family friends and hanging out with my family. I like to be busy.

2.) What do you like about working at Downlights? 
i like working with my sister and my dad, and its fun when the Moxie crew are there as well. I really like annoying Jennifer, I like seeing my pictures on facebook and Instagram as I am proud of our business.

3.) Question to their family: How has working at Downlights helped Nicki?
Nicki took on a sense of ownership with her job immediately. Working with the Moxie crew and at the markets has helped her become much more tolerant, while still maintaining her endearing sense of humour.

4.) Question to Jennifer: How have you seen Nicki change? 
Nicki’s people skills have improved greatly. She is much more tolerant and she has a real drive to get to work. She actually misses work when she has a day off.

5.) What is the biggest thing you have learnt at Downlights? 
I have learned how to concentrate on my tasks for much longer than in the past and I have significantly improved my fine motor skills. I have also learned to use the Eftpos machine and I am really chuffed.

6.) What is your favourite Fragrance? French Vanilla.

7.) Jenn’s Nickname for Nicki:
Pocket Rocket and definitely not "Honey"!

Nicki Downlights NZ