1.) What do you like to do/what are your interests?
I love to spend time with my family-my dad, my mum, my brother Kenneth and my nephew Cash. I also go shopping with my dad to DressSmart, play Special Olympics basketball, learn karate (I am a brown belt) and dance at Starjam every Thursday. I really like meeting new people and learning new skills. I want to have an amazing job at Downlights when I leave school. Downlights is so cool! I love telling my friends and teachers in the Pegasus Department about my work experience. 

2.) What do you like about working at Downlights?
I feel so happy and excited when I work at Downlights. The people there are so cool and so welcoming. Jennifer makes me laugh all the time! They make me feel like part of the Downlights whanau. I love making candles. I can make a candle for my birthday. 

3.) Question to their family: How has working at Downlights helped Katrina?
Katrina tells us how amazing and excited she feels. After being at Downlights she comes home and tells us what she has accomplished after every visit. She tells us about the different tasks she does and how she must be very patient and careful when completing them. She even showed us the Downlights website and all the beautiful products they make. It really helps with her confidence, her social skills, and her enthusiasm. It’s a wonderful feeling for us to know that she could maintain that positivity at Downlights if she gets a job there after leaving school.

4.) Question to Jennifer: How have you seen Katrina change?:
From the moment KitKat started at Downlights, she brought a sunny disposition with her and real go get ‘em attitude. I have watched her improve her concentration skills, demonstrate tenacity, care for her team members and show signs of leadership.

5.) What is the biggest thing you have learnt at Downlights?:
I have learnt the skills you need to succeed in a job. I have learnt to follow a routine, show initiative and always try my best. I love being part of a team whilst having fun.

6.) What is your favourite Fragrance?:
 I love all of them but French Vanilla is my favourite. The first candle I made at Downlights was French Vanilla and I have loved it ever since. It smells like vanilla ice cream!

7.) How did you get the nickname Kitkat:
I got the nick name Kit Kat when I was appointed a house leader in 2017/2018 at Pakuranga College. My classmates suggested that I use Kit Kat as that was a cool nickname. Since then, I have Kit Kat printed on my house leader t-shirt and everyone loves my cool nick name. It is the name of my favourite chocolate too!

Kitkat Downlights NZ