1.) What do you like to do/what are your interests?
I like going on my phone, I love the band One Direction and I love tennis and cycling. My favourite show is Pretty Little Liars and Paige Mc Cullers is my favourite character. I love eggs, coffee and hokey pokey ice cream.

2.) What do you like about working at Downlights? 
I really like putting the stickers on the wicks and on the candle sample bags.

3.) Question to their family: How has working at Downlights helped Kirsty?
For Kirsty, working with Downlights has seen her grow in social skills, has added value and purpose to her week and given her a sense of achievement. She loves the candles she makes and loves to give them to people. She is proud of what she does.Kirsty likes routine so to have a job which is constant and routine gives her a sense of security and knowing what is happening for that day.Kirsty is quiet and likes her own company and with Downlights she enjoys interacting with others under no pressure. She has expanded her social skills and will be part of the market team at stalls. So proud of her and grateful for the team and the opportunity Downlights gives her.

4.) Question to Jennifer: How have you seen Kirsty change?
You know you are “in” with Kirsty when she says “I’m going to tell my Mother on you”, and lucky for me, I was accepted very quickly. Kirsty is steady and consistent with her jobs and very recently, she has started joining the team working at markets which is a huge step for Kirsty. I am so proud of her, as I am of everyone.

5.) What is the biggest thing you have learnt at Downlights?
I love the coffee smelling candle, Vanilla and Coffee.

6.) What is your favourite Fragrance? Marshmallow Puff.

7.) Jenn’s Nickname for Kirsty?
Queen Kirsty > Well, she is a queen! A gentle leader.

Kirsty Downlights NZ