1.) What do you like to do/what are your interests?
Play soccer, Play X-box FIFA, and I love my dog Lopsy. Lopsy looks at shadows at night time.
I like to swim too!!

2.) What do you like about working at Downlights?
”It’s a fun environment and you smell nice”.

3.) Question to their family: How has working at Downlights helped Jack?
The Moxie Downlights programme challenges Jack in many ways that extend beyond work. For our family it has been wonderful to see Jack exude a sense of self-worth and success because of the programme. The people involved in running the Moxie Downlights programme have an enthusiastic, supportive approach toward Jack and therefore manage to get the best engagement from him. The possibility of Jack making a mistake would usually prevent him from wanting to give things a go. At Downlights Jack feels he’ll still be okay and if he makes a mistake. He is consistently told he is amazing and capable. We quietly laugh when Jack tells us he is better than Tony. Jack was even asked to learn how to operate the eftpos machine for the Downlights’ stalls. This would usually have been too high of an expectation. Because of Downlights support and believe in Jack, he has twice taken on this challenge and comes home proud of his achievement.

4.) Question to Jennifer: How have you seen Jack change?:
Jack has really come out of his shell. He was very quiet and nervous to try new tasks. His confidence has grown incredibly and he tries anything new I offer him and he does it with care and attention to detail. He now works completely independently and will move from one task to another without even suggesting what needs to be done next as he just knows what to do. He is a brilliant worker with a gentle soul.

5.) What is the biggest thing you have learnt at Downlights?:
I have learned to make soy melts, use the wax melter, make candles, make tea lights, use the eft-pos machine, use the wax melter and get to and from work on public transport by myself.

6.) What is your favourite Fragrance?:
It used to be Tutti Frutti but now I really like Coconut and Lime.

7.) Jenn’s Nickname for Jack:
Jack the Minute Man > He can pour a candle a minute without any mess!

Jack Downlights NZ