Aroma Stone - Christmas Star - French Pear



Downlights Aroma Stones are shaped ceramic stones that absorb fragrance and release it slowly over time. simply place 3 - 5 drops of the essential oil provided directly onto the stone.


The ceramic will absorb the oil and slowly release it as a subtle fragrance. Reapply as needed to reinvigorate your aroma stone. For larger spaces or if you prefer a stronger scent reapply oil after one week or hang additional aroma stones.


Once your initial fragrance has evaporated, different essential oils can be used on the same stone. This beautiful Downlights Star shaped Downlights Aroma Stone comes with our festive favourite French Pear fragrance as an essential oil concentrate.


Your go-to gift for friends, thank you for tutors and carers and perfect office Christmas decoration as they require no open flame.